A pugmill consists of two horizontal shafts on which several paddle shanks, each with two paddle tips, are mounted. The paddle tips are adjustable and fairly easily replaced. The paddle areas are adjusted to ensure there are no “dead areas” in the pigmill. A “dead area” is a location where aggregates can accumulate out of reach of the paddles and not be thoroughly mixed. Dead areas can be avoided by making sure the clearance between the paddle tips and the liner is less than one half of the maximum aggregate size. Non-uniform mixing can occur if the pugmill is overfilled When the plant is operating at full production, the paddle tips should be barely visible at the surface of the meterial during mixing. If the material is too high, the surface aggregates will tend to “float” above the paddles and will not thoroughly mix. Conversely, in apugmill containing too little aggregate, the tips of the paddles rake through the material without mixing it. These problems can be avoided by following the manufacturer’s pugmill batch rating recommendation. Normally,the rating is based on a percentage of the capacity of the pugmills, “live zone.” This live zone is the net volume in cubic feet below a line extending across the top are of the inside body shell radius with shafts, paddles, and tips deducted.


 It is of single chassis construction. At each Bin a radial gate is provided which can be opened in any position to regulate the aggregate flow. Individual endless belts are provided, below the gates to discharge material on to the gathering belt.

Vibrating Screen
A single-deck vibrating screen is provided on the slinger conveyor to remove oversize aggregates received from the 4- bin feeder.

Slinger Conveyor
An Inclined conveyor with wide belt mounted on idlers receives aggregate from the gathering conveyor and feeds it to the pug mill.
Water Tank
One/Two Water Tanks of 15/20 MT. Capacity each are provided, fabricated from steel plates with manhole, flow meter, pump, etc.
Control Cabin
A fully automatic control panel is provided for controlling the quantity and quality of production with operator sitting in Air- Conditioned Comfort.
Features of Wet Mix Macadam Plant
• Modern Wet Mix Macadam Technology.
• Produces High Quality Mix.
• Portable or Stationary.
• High Production Rate.
• Easy to Operate.
• Highly Accurate Aggregate & Additives Feeder.
• Manufactured as per MONTH Specification

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