History behind the Duo Drum Development

The need in the market toward the total separation of the drying & mixing areas in drum mix asphalt plants for several years has lead the AEW to come out with a solution for the same with its new product named AEW DUO Drum asphalt plant.

  1. The relatively low stack temperature associated with the counter flow process allows a higher proportion of recycle material to be processed without endangering the dust collector.

  2. The proximity of the mixing drum inlet to the burner in the counter flow process facilitates the burning off of any hydrocarbons created in the mixing process.

  3. The AEW innovation of drying and mixing drums allows the dryer to be operated without the dust collector mudding often associated with counter flow drying.

Effects and Benefits of Duo Drum asphalt plant Design on Production
 The operational benefit of this unique Duo drum is the reduced time as both the drying process and the mixing process require time… And in drum mix plants time means length. Single drum units reduce drying time and mixing time in an effort to stay within the confines of mobility. The last stages of the batch plant era saw dryers grow from 5m to 7m in length. This period ofdryer elongation came about for two reasons that increased fuel efficiency, and other realization that wet materials require time as well as heat to properly dry.

  In Our MODEL DUO DRUM asphalt plants features a 5m long drying drum and a 4m long mixing drum. These lengths allow sufficient drying time for the wettest of materials and allow time in the best mix of the Asphalt.

  In the use of the common Drum mix plants the consequence of isolating the mixing process from the hot gas stream is the loss of the dust trapping Ability which is rectified by the AEW Duo Drum hot mix asphalts’ which enables for the customized gradation of aggregates as per the requirements.

  The extremely low/small amount of air flow allows the addition of dry type additives without the immediate evacuation of a high percentage of the additive to the Dust collector. This feature is not available in the commonly used drum mix plants which results in an additional load on the Dust collector and large amounts of dust in transit.


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